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▲▶▼只今リメイク中の記事 / Article currently being remade
7月の滋賀 蓮と日食と鯖そうめんその④ 水中に咲く花『湖国十景 醒井地蔵川の梅花藻』~旅の食彩 湖北郷土料理『鯖そうめん』2009.7.21をリメイク中!
Shiga lotus, solar eclipse and Saba Somen in July Part ④ Flowers blooming in the water "Ten Scenic Views of Lake Country Samegai Jizo River Plum Blossom Algae" -Food of Travel Hubei Local Cuisine "Saba Somen" 2009.7.21 is being remade!

▲▶▼うれしい報告です、神戸ストリームの読者さんから救いの手があり、無事ほぼ100%<全部確認できないので、壊れてるのもあるかもとのこと>の写真が復旧しました。もうあきらめていた記事も残しておいてよかったです。miss n さんありがとうございました。2020年7月28日 リメイク頑張ります!
I'm glad to hear that there was a helping hand from the readers of Kobe Stream, and almost 100% of the photos were safely recovered <something may be broken> photos. It's good to leave the article that I gave up already. Thank you for miss n.July 28, 2020 I will do my best to remake!

The photos of blog posts before March 2012 were the cases where the server of the previous blog seemed to have disappeared, but I could not see it, but when I was giving up I could rescue about 80% of the photos It was. It will take some time, but we will remake it little by little. By the way, I am currently remaking the article for February 2012.

I haven't written an article for a while, but I'm happy to have a lot of access. Thank you very much. I will write again the photographs I have taken and the materials I have collected, so I would appreciate your favor.